Got Index? Complete Index of the Tales of Greenlea County

Since so many folks have been reading my Greenlea stories for such a long span of time, starting in the summer of 2006, I thought it was long past time that I make an index of the stories, including the short stories - there is even a Drabble!  (a very short work of usually less than 250 words) called "A Little Drabble Do Ya" which I wrote while I was in transition to Australia in the winter of 2006-2007, when I wrote so many, many stories.


So without further ado, as I am doing the final copy edits and layout for the print and e-book publication of Volume II of the Tales of Greenlea County, formerly titled "Looking for Answers" and now entitled "Killer on the Road" , here is an index of the entire Greenlea Series - in order.  This list includes web links to the Livejournal entries where they currently live.  Enjoy!


Please note: some stories are still in their original "fan" edition, and may not be accessible if you do not have permission.  I cannot make these public due to legal complications.  If you cannot reach a link because it is locked, please send me an email at louisev AT  You know the symbol! And I will friend you for the stories I have not as yet converted.

    1. Tourmaline (original title, Taking Chances)
    2. Killer on the Road (original title: Looking for Answers) 
    3. A Second Chance
    4. The Brotherhood Murders
    5. Shelter From the Storm
    6. The Long Way Home
    7. The Red Stallion
    8. The Law of Greenlea County
    9. Dupree's Choice

 9a. What I did on my Day Off : “Tourmaline” from Ellery’s POV

9b. Blood Oaths (Short Story)

9c. What I did on my Winter Vacation:

10. A Small Circle of Friends

11. The 'L' Word

12. Red Stallions for Christmas:

13. Home for the Holidays (Novella)

14. The Chesterfield Fortune:

 14a. Dem Bones (Short Story)

 14b. A Little Drabble Do Ya

15. The Rookie:

16. The Grey Girls:

17. In the Land of the Lotus Eaters:

18. The Persistence of Memory:

19. Agents of the Law:       

20. The Runaway Deputy



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