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E. L. Van Hine is a scholar of English and European colonial literature, and a student of Western philosophy. She was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on December 2, 1959, holds a B.A. in English (Literature) from the University of Massachusetts at Fitchburg (1982), matriculated at Harvard University (Foreign Literature in Translation) and University of Massachusetts at Lowell, earning high honors from all of these institutions.

She began publishing as a journalist in 1975 while still a high school student, and her literary criticism and poetry has been published in small presses between 1991 and 1997 when her first collection of poems, Epistle to the North Americans was published in its second limited edition. She began the world’s first online-only Karma Bank for free will donations for art and literature on www.zebratta.org, where she markets the first editions of her novels and poems, as well as essays and commissioned artwork from Canadian artists Michael Vriens and Jen Hart. Princes of the East is her third novel. A sequel, The Two Empires, is not yet complete.

Other novels in print can be obtained from Threshold Publishing Company: The Erotic Etudes (2005), and Tourmaline (2010). Some of her other novels The Confession of Alexandrus Basileus 334 (2000), The Death of a Mad Composer (2003) and Your Skinny Girl (2006) are available in electronic form on www.zebratta.org for free will donation, and will soon find their way to print. She composes songs and simple works for piano, and has a day job which involves typing gobbledegook.

She lives in Alexandria, Virginia with a small herd of computers, a piano, and a large stack of manuscripts, and has one child that is not made of paper.

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