Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The New Online Home of Threshold Publishing Company


What is Threshold Publishing Company?


Threshold Publishing Company is a privately owned, minority-operated publishing company that specializes in literature, poetry, music and art of the 21st century. We have been a continuous online presence since 1991, and began operating the first online Karma Bank in 1996, offering full texts of original and public-domain works of literature and mysticism for free-will offerings. is the second generation website, offering low cost e-books and selected print publications for sale, as well as an online blog.


At this time Zebratta includes works of fiction and poetry by E. Louise Van Hine (see About the Author) as well as standard texts in the public domain by authors of mystical works in the Hermetic Western tradition. Inspirational and allegorical artwork by selected artists, commissioned by the author, is also featured here.


I don’t have an e-book reader to buy the electronic books, what do I do?


All of the works on can be purchased in PDF format and read on a computer or other hand-held device (such as a smart phone). Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free of charge and downloadable from a link on our main page.


How can I make a donation to the Karma Bank?


The Karma Bank link on the Main page will add an amount to your shopping cart. Choose an amount in US currency, and the payment method will allow you to pay by whatever method you prefer.


I am outside of the United States; how do I make a donation/ buy a book?


The shopping cart will show US dollars, but you can choose your own method of payment; PayPal and credit card purchases will be automatically converted to US dollars from your currency, and shipping costs will be calculated for the address you provide, anywhere in the world.


I don’t have a PayPal account, how do get one?


You can go to, in Germany PayPal has its own separate firm,, to which you will be directed automatically. Paypal’s main site will read the information on the country and language you are using and redirect you accordingly.


Why did you change sites? is hosted in Canada on a proprietary platform that is difficult to use and update. This has been something of an issue for many years. When I hired my new web master he was not able to deploy the new modernized shopping cart system from Joomla on this platform and so we decided to register my shadow domain,, as my main site. will be running with all of its current content until it is all updated and migrated. In time, will be a mirror site with the same content.


What about all of the stuff on


As time permits, Joseph (the webmaster) is migrating and updating the site with newly-proofread editions of all of the work on In time all of that content will be added to with one exception: the entire texts of my stories will no longer be available for free. I am happy that others have benefited from and enjoyed my novels and poems; now that electronic publishing is inexpensive and easy, I am offering more of my work, including the entire series of “Greenlea” novels, at an inexpensive price that should be affordable to most.


Why did you decide to start charging for your work instead of giving it away for free all of this time?


While I have received many generous donations over time, most of the traffic in the 22 years that has been online has resulted in no donations whatsoever. I have spent the last two decades giving out my poetry and my first several novels for free; now they will be available as electronic books for a small sum, so that I can turn Threshold Publishing into a self-sustaining company that can operate on sales income. This should be possible even if there are only modest sales from the catalog. Other authors are paid for their work: I will still be providing my works in progress on my Livejournal blog ( to those who request “friending”, because I benefit from the comments and encouragement of long-time readers, most of whom have purchased the Greenlea e-books and print novel. I do not anticipate changing this.


What is your return policy?


If you are truly unhappy with your purchase from this site, please leave a message here and I will try to rectify it in the case of damaged books or problems with the electronic e-book format you have purchased. We have tried to accommodate as many formats as possible so that you can re-download a book you have purchased in case you have accidentally deleted it or in case of other problem with the media. However, there is no refund in the case of e-books; if you have purchased a print book and wish to return it; returns will be accepted if they are unmarked and in resaleable condition. The buyer is responsible for return shipping.

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