Princes of the East


Princes of the East


In the year 395 A.D., the whole of Europe, and the uneasily-occupied territories of Asia Minor and the Balkan peninsula were shaken by the partitioning of the once-great Roman Empire into two; the weakened giant, beset by skirmishes, soon erupts into full-scale war with the the western Goths on one side and pits its more loyal Ostrogoth vassals against the rising host to the east, the Scythian alliance of horse archers they called the Huns. Among the Scythian is born a child of uncertain paternity but of undoubted destiny: Saheris, the oldest surviving grandchild of the Khan of Bithynia, a semi-independent vassal state of Eastern Rome, prophesied as the warrior who will throw off the Romans and destroy their empire. Saheris and his brother Sahelis, the two sons of the mad daughter of the Khan, are hardened by the rapid but expert military education of their grandfather and his nomad ally, to prepare them to either serve the two Romes: or to defy them. This novel is the first in a series of three books focusing on the two brothers; whose lives and destiny are irrevocably entwined, and whose futures will spell the fate of their own empire and that of Rome.


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