The Death of a Mad Composer


The Death of a Mad Composer, Opus V

A Symphony in Five Movements


Inspired in part by Anthony Burgess’s ground-breaking comic novel, Napoleon Symphony, this novel is part score and part journal, sharing the memoirs and recollections of a creative mind of the Romantic era, who knew himself by two names, Florestan and Eusebius, the two competing and contrasting personalities of the most literary musical author of the 19th century, whose creative life was interrupted and circumscribed by the war, despair, suicide, and sudden death; as well as the rapidly changing social and political world that demanded both conformity to fashion and predictability; none of which he possessed. Known in this work only as ‘S’, he represents an allegorical type – the creative genius too far advanced for his own era, and seeking to escape it, who is cast adrift to wander into the future of Music, where instruments, fashions, performances and the definition of Music itself, is transformed into something strange, terrible, and intimidating.


“The Death of a Mad Composer” is related thematically, and precedes the series of short stories, “The Erotic Etudes.”


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